Promoting quality journalism and organising events: What the association does

European Utopia e.V. is a non-profit organisation for the promotion of research, education, art and culture. The association supports the production of journalistic contributions on human rights issues, transnational concepts of democracy and progressive models of society. Europe’s media landscape has so far been unnecessarily national. The articles promoted by European Utopia appear in established quality media and help to overcome a too narrow, national view of current issues. In addition, European Utopia plans to produce its own multilingual publications in the future - with stories from Europe and the world, told from a transnational perspective.

“The aimless man suffers his fate, the purposeful one
shapes it.”

Immanuel Kant

Thinking ahead and exploring utopias

In addition, European Utopia e.V. organises cultural events and promotes art and research projects that deal with social and political models for the future. Democracies around the world are in danger of losing their vitality and exemplary function. They are threatened from within and without. Creativity and basic research are needed to open up ways forward.

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Making Europe nicer: This is how the the contributions of European Utopia are supposed to work

European Utopia promotes and produces reports, interviews, essays, photographs and illustrations that deal with democracy and human rights issues. The contributions appear in established European media, connect readers and contribute to breaking down borders - first in people’s minds.

Seven things you should know about European Utopia e.V.

The non-profit association conceives, promotes and produces journalistic stories on human rights issues and transnationalism to appear in established European media.

In addition, European Utopia plans to produce its own multilingual publications in the future.

The association organises cultural and educational events to stimulate discourse on a humane, democratic Europe without borders.

Do-gooder, dreamer - for European Utopia, these terms are not swear words, but titles of nobility.

European Utopia e.V. loves utopias - because even if they are not fully achievable, they point us in the right direction.

The members of European Utopia work on a voluntary basis. Any surpluses generated by events or publications are used for the association’s charitable purposes (promotion of research, education, art and culture).

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Ideas welcome!

If If you would like to contribute your own ideas, or if you are an author, photographer, illustrator, artist or researcher and would like to realise a project worthy of support, you can write to

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